We partner with qualified developers who share our passion and enthusiasm for the brand. Please read further to understand our developer criteria and franchise system.


TRU Tea Express A leading national Tea franchise, announced plans to expand its brand to more than 150 locations across India over the next 3 years.

At TRU TEA, we have experienced growth with our proven business model, and we know the brand has tremendous potential for accelerated expansion TRU TEA is now poised to become the leading Tea Service franchise in India, and we could not be more excited to take our company to the next level by your partnership.

TRU TEA to strengthen its brand by investing in a The TRU TEA Grooming and Training Institute to enhance training, increased national marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and sales, and additional home office team members to enable superior support. Furthermore, a greater emphasis will be put on accelerating TRU TEA's subscription offerings to help drive store revenue for franchisees.

To fuel growth, TRU TEA is now seeking regional developers to build the brand in select markets across India specially the Metros and the A and B category Cities. Candidates should have an affinity for Tea and the skills to grow a successful business within a proven franchise model. Local developers can start with 1 location and Regional developers will be required to open at least 5 -25 store within the 2 years of signing, then develop additional stores during a scheduled development period, either by opening and operating more units themselves or by recruiting franchisees for their region.

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The Tea Industry

Taking the first steps towards opening your own business is a life-altering and exciting experience, but it can also be a scary one. There are many questions to be answered. How do you go about picking a business that's just right for you? How do you find the right location? How do you market the new business? The list simply grows from there. Within a franchise system you have the security of knowing you're never alone. There is always someone to turn to for answers.

Already Established and Successful Business Model
Recognized Brand Name
Enhanced Business Image
Consistent Quality

Why TRU  Tea?

There are several food & beverage franchises that offer a limited services and products, but why restrict your business, increase the risk of failure and struggle financially on the ramp-up period or even wait years for a return on investment? TRU  Tea believes in maximizing the square footage and your investment with offering more sales and services while increasing the subscription customer traffic count.

Training & On-going Support

TRU  TEA requires all franchisees to participate in a training course that lasts approximately 1 week on Sales & Marketing , Tea Production , Tea Services  & Customer Management. We utilize a layered training methodology beginning with classroom training on items such as tea preparation and other business activities . Franchisees are then taken into actual playrooms for hands on learning and practical application of techniques learned in the classroom setting. This allows for tailored training for different types of learners. Trainees manage the front desk of a company owned store, which includes working within our POS system, engaging in client relations and demonstrating customer behavior.

TRU  TEA provides onsite support prior to your Grand Opening, with the goal of not only assisting with operations and facility set-up, but also to further develop your marketing efforts. Periodic visits will occur throughout the course of the franchise term and are designed to provide consultation on areas of opportunity for improved efficiency and overall growth. Franchisees also receive the TRU  TEA Operations Manual containing specifications, standards, operating procedures and suggestions based on knowledge gained from facilities currently in operation. The TRU  TEA Bulletin acts as an extension of the Operations Manual, providing additional access to standards, guidelines, marketing collateral, and forms. Most importantly, TRU  TEA franchisees have the ongoing support of the Home Office Team via phone, or email contact.

Are You The Right Fit?

TRU  TEA franchisees come from various backgrounds and experiences. Each one is different, but each one shares a common trait: an affinity for positive qualities , high confidence , passionate interaction with people and a desire to grow a successful business

TRU  TEA attracts men and women, husbands and wives, and partners who understand the value of working together in a proven system to achieve like-minded goals.

Keen to operate your own business?
Passionate about tea, and enjoy meeting people?
Self-starter, hard working, focused and determined?
Able to manage your own time as well as others?
Manage a Tea Delivery service in your area that is above all others?
Prepared to put in the perseverance to achieve your goals?
Able to support yourself while your business is becoming established?
Able to finance the investment required?

We are looking for business builders who truly want to enjoy the benefits of the TRU  TEA Franchise. Nothing happens without effort. If you relate positively to the above points then please contact us today.

The Investment

The estimated initial investment to establish a TRU  Tea ranges from 6,50,000/- to 8,50,000/- including a franchise fee of 1,50,000/-, One time Set up cost ,Initial Training Cost of 30,000/- and launch expenses. The ROI comes very fast as Tea is a necessity of people and customers are everywhere. Its the 2nd drink most consumed after Water.

The continuing services, or "royalty fee", is as per terms of agreement. Each is paid monthly. This fee entitles you to use the TRU  Tea service mark, use of our distinctive system, Centralised Supply of Raw material , Branding material, Online Tea Portal and marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling and other benefits that come with being a TRU  TEA franchisee.

TRU Tea Franchisee Next Steps

1 . Complete "Information Request Form"
Please complete our Letter of Interest Form to receive additional information. A TRU  TEA representative will be in touch with you within 2 business days.

2. Initial phone call
During your first call you will further discuss the TRU  TEA opportunity and cover a few key topics, including your motivation, business background and territory of interest. They will be happy to answer any additional questions you have.

3. Sending your confidential profile
Sending your profile to our representative tells us that you are serious about the opportunity and it gives us a clear picture of your financial and managerial plans

4. Receive Franchise Agreement
Upon receipt of your confidential financial profile; you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document. The FDD further defines the relationship between us - the Franchisor and you - the Franchisee. It contains all of the legal responsibilities involved in owning a TRU  TEA and it is what you will sign in order to become a Franchisee.

5. Agreement follow-up
TRU Tea team after  receiving and reviewing your Agreement ,  will schedule a time to go over any questions that you may have.

6 . Signing the Agreement
Once we feel that you are a great Franchisee candidate and share the same passion as ours, we will send you a formal written LOI offer including the assigned number of outlets  / territory. LOI need to be accompanied by the Franchise Fees.