About Us

TRU Tea is part of TRU Group of Companies based out of India & UAE , a 18 year old  Group with diverse business
Tea is an unavoidable drink in India and TRU tea wishes to refresh the mind of every Indian with the flavors of Tea
The company wants to spread all over India and capture Asia as well on a broader spectrum
TRU Tea Brand of TRU Global Beverages operates from its Corporate Office in Mumbai
The company also aims that NO Indian should be without work be it from any class or stature
Apart from targeting SOHO & enterprise customers the brand has long term plans to serve through mobile delivery vans, kiosk etc.
             Our Key Business Differentiators

The 3 main Target Groups for Tea Subscription business are SOHO , SMB & Enterprise Customers

Technology has also created a demand for larger businesses to employ individuals who work from home
Sometimes these people remain as an independent business person, and sometimes they become employees of a larger company
Many consultants and the members of such professions as lawyers, real estate agents, and surveyors in small and medium-size towns operate from home office
These small companies do not usually have their own pantry due to unavailability of space or manpower

These Big Retail outlets usually have an employee strength of 15 – 20 people
Added to that they have constant flow of customers
So they have frequent requirement of Tea which is usually outsourced